Summer Academic Enrichment Program

The most comprehensive transitional service offered to EOP students is the six-week Summer Academic Enrichment Program.

​The program is designed to identify and strengthen areas of academic limitations and to orient them to NJIT. During the time that students are in the dormitory, the resident assistants (RA's) supervise them. These RA's are upper-class students charged with the responsibility of not only monitoring but also befriending the incoming EOP freshmen, and introducing them to the social aspects of college life.

All the incoming freshmen are tested in math, physics, and English to determine their placement during the program. Not only are they informed that matriculation into the fall semester is contingent upon successful completion of the Summer Academic Enrichment Program, but they are also provided individual counseling to help resolve any conflicts that make participation difficult. At the end of the Summer Academic Enrichment Program, students register for the fall, based on the New Jersey College Basic Skills Test (NJCBST), results and the professors' assessments of their abilities, determined by their performance in the program. Each of the summer instructors submits a student roster with a letter grade for each student and provides additional feedback on each student.

Summer Orientation & Student Move in Day    

The first day of the program, students and parents participate in an orientation program presented by the EOP staff,instructional staff,  current EOP students, and EOP Alumni.. The agenda includes information on the programs, parents’ meetings, and student meetings with ​upperclassmen, financial aid, and workshops. Additionally, general information about the Summer Program is reviewed by the staff and the residential staff gives final directions.  The EOP counseling, and student life personnel generally facilitate the workshops. Topics include: coping ​skills, study skills, gender issues, careers and graduate school, and others. The Orientation Day is a half-day program for parents; full day program for students.