Faculty Council

Council Members (Spring Semester) 2014

Sima Bagheri
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
973-596-2681; sima.bagheri@njit.edu

Michael Bieber

Department of Information Systems
973-596-2681; michael.p.bieber@njit.edu

Daniel Bunker
Department of Biological Sciences
973-596-2681; daniel.e.bunker@njit.edu

John Federici
Department of Physics
973-596-8482, john.f.federici@njit.edu

Walid Hubbi (Chair)
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
973-596-3518; hubbi@njit.edu

Boris Khusid
Department Chemical, Biological & Pharmaceutical Engineering
973-596-3316; khusid@njit.edu

Philip Klobucar
Department of Humanities
973-596-5724, andrew.klobucar@njit.edu

Lou Konidc
Department of Mathematical Sciences
973-596-2996; lou.kondic@njit.edu

Mohamed Mahgoub
Department of Engineering Technology
973-596-6081; mahgoub@njit.edu

Zeyuan Qui
Department of Chemistry & Environmental Science
973-596-5357; zeyuan.qui@njit.edu

Stephen Pemberton
Federated Department of History
973-596-5716; stephen.g.pemberton@njit.edu

Anthony Schuman
College of Architecture and Design
973-596-6370; schuman@njit.edu

Andrew Sohn
Department of Computer Science
973-596-2315; andrew.sohn@njit.edu

Cheickna Sylla
School of Management
973-596-5691; sylla@njit.edu

Steve Tricamo (Vice Chair)
Department of  Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
973-596-5712; stephen.j.tricamo@njit.edu

Mary Short
Cullimore Hall, Room 103
973-596-3275; short@njit.edu