Senate Members - AY 2016-2017

Voting Members


Treena Arinzeh Biomedical Engineering
Denis Blackmore​* Mathematical Sciences
Daniel Bunker ​ Biological Sciences
Matthew Bandelt Civil and Environmental Engineering
Asokan Anandarajan Martin Tuchman School of Management
Ian Gatley​ Physics
Haim Grebel ​ Electrical and Computer Engineering
Quentin Jones  Information Systems
Laramie Potts Engineering Technology
Andrew Klobucar * (P) Humanities
Neil Maher History
James Calvin Ying Wu College of Computer Science
Eliza Michalopoulou * (VP) Mathematical Sciences
Nancy Jackson Chemistry and Environmental Science
Anthony Rosato* Mechanical & Industrial Engineering 
Usman Roshan Ying Wu College of Computer Science
Ala Saadeghvaziri  Civil and Environmental Engineering
Maria Hurtado De Mendoza College of Architecture and Design 
Roberto Rojas-Cessa Electrical and Computer Engineering
Laurent Simon Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering
Rajpal Sodhi Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
Darius Sollohub College of Architecture and Design
Ellen Thomas* Martin Tuchman School of Management
Gordon Thomas Physics
Yuan-Nan Young Mathematical Sciences
Boris Khusid Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering

* Member of Executive Committee

Non-Voting Members


Fadi Deek Provost
Atam Dhawan Vice-Provost for Research
David Ullman Chief Information Officer
Moshe Kam Dean of Newark College of Engineering
Kevin Belfield Dean of the College of Science and Liberal Arts
Anthony Schuman Dean of the College of Architecture and Design
Reggie Caudill Dean of Martin Tuchman School of Management
Craig Gotsman Dean of the Ying Wu College of Computing Sciences
Louis Hamilton  Dean of the Albert Dorman Honors College
Ann Hoang University Librarian
Kyle Riismandel Member of the Lecturers and Educators Congress
Gerladine Milano Member of the Lecturers and Educators Congress
Edward Bishof Administrative Council Representative
Candida Rocha Staff Council Representative