Committee on Teaching, Learning and Technology (including online learning)


John Carpinelli
Professor, Helen and John C. Hartmann Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Associate Director, Institute for Teaching Excellence​

Blake Haggerty
Executive Director, Digital Learning and Technology Support


Voting Members*

Department of Aerspace Studies

Albert Dorman Honors College Student Representative

Martina Decker
​School of Architecture

Taro Narahara
School of Art & Design​

Maria Stanko​
Federated Department of Biological Sciences

James Haorah​
Department of Biomedical Engineering

Yuanwei Zhang
Chemistry and Environmental Science

Department of Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering

Geraldine Milano 
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Computer Science

Ryan Mass
Continuing Professional Education

Serhiy Levkov
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

David Lubliner
Engineering Technology

Elizabeth Petrick​
Federated Department of History


Bernadette Longo

Yvette Wohn
Information Systems

Alisa Krishtal
Lectures and Educators Congress

Victor Matveev
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Joan Kettering
Information Technology

Jerry Fjermestad
Martin Tuchman School of Management

Paul Ranky
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Brian Callahan
Physical Education

Andres Jerez
Department of Physics

Wendy Lin-Cook
Office of the Registrar

Michele Rittenhouse
Theater Arts Program

Andrew Klobucar
Faculty Senate Representative

Nehal Kulkarni
Graduate Student Association

Rushabh Mehta
​Student Senate

Non-voting Members

Nicole Bosca
Office of Digital Learning

Michael Koskinen
Office of Digital Learning

Joseph Mercuri
Technical Reference Librarian


Joe Bonchi
Director of Media and Technology Support Services

Ray Callori
Office of Institutional Effectiveness