Committee on Teaching, Learning and Technology (including Distance Learning)


David Ullman
Associate Provost for Information Services & Technology & CIO


Voting Members*

Andrzej Zarzycki

Glenn Goldman
Art & Design​

Maria Stanko​
Biological Sciences

Eun (Alice) Lee​
Biomedical Engineering

Alexei Khalizov
Chemistry and Environmental Science

Boris Khusid
Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering

Matt Adams​
Civil & Environmental Engineering

Alexandros Gerbessiotis​
Computer Science

Osvaldo Simeone​
Electrical and Computer Engineering

David Lubliner
Engineering Technology

Alison Lefkovitz​


Andrew Klobuchar

Yvette Wohn
Informational Systems

Victor Matveev
Mathematical Sciences

Britt Holbrook

Michael Lee
Information Systems

Jim Cicon​
School of Management

Shidong Jiang​
Mathematical Sciences

Ian Fischer​
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Trevor Tyson

Andrew Klobucar
Faculty Senate Representative

Student (vacant)
Graduate Student Association

Student (vacant)
​Student Senate

Non-voting Members*

Ann Hoang
Assistant University Librarian

Maya Gervits
Director of CoAD Library

Davida Scharf
Director of Reference

Haymwantee Singh​
E-resources/Serials Librarian

Bruce Slutsky
Technical Reference Librarian

Charles Terng
​Technical Reference Librarian

Monica Kenzie​
CoAD Library Specialist

Blake Haggerty
Director - Technology Support Center

William Reynolds
Director of ITMS

David Perel
Director, Academic and Research Computing Services

Kevin Walsh
Senior Systems Administration Specialist, ARCS\

Institutional Research Office Rep
(As Needed)

*Still to be updated for '16-'17