Committee on Information Technology, Library and Academic Resources

Voting Members*

Alice Lee
Biomedical Engineering

Maria Stanko
Biological Sciences

Boris Khusid
Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Eng

Alexei Khalizov
Chemistry and Environmental Science

Matthew Adams
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Andrzej Zarzycki

Glenn Goldman
Art & Design

Alexandros Gerbessiotis
Computer Science

Osvaldo Simeone
Electrical and Computer Engineering

David Washington
Engineerieng Technology


Karl Schweizer
Federated History

Calista McRae

Michael Lee

Shidong Jiang
Mathematical Sciences

Ian Fischer
Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Trevor Tyson

Jim Shi
School of Management

Ann Hoang (co-chair)
Interim University Librarian 

David Ullman (co-chair)
Associate Provost for IST & Chief Information Officer


Non-voting Members*

Maya Gervits
Director of CoAD Library

Davida Scharf
Director of Reference

Doreen Mettle
Director of Circulation and ILL

Haymwantee Singh
E-Resources/Serials Librarian

Bruce Slutsky
Technical Reference Librarian

Joseph Mercuri
Technical Reference Librarian

Technical Reference Librarian

CoAD Library Specialist

Lisa Weissbard
Cataloging Librarian

Matthew Brown
Digital Projects Librarian

William Ruys
Student Senate

Graduate Student Association

Blake Haggerty
Director-Digital Learning & Technology Support Center

Joe Bonchi
Director of ITMS

David Perel
Director, Academic & Research Computing Systems (ARCS)

Kevin Walsh
Senior Systems Administration Specialist (ARCS)

Simon Garnier
Faculty Senate Rep

Office of Institutional Research Rep (as needed)