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Student Profile
September 25, 2008
In his early years at NJIT, it was not uncommon for Robert Herrera to spend the wee small hours of the morning sequestered in an architecture studio, studying.  Then, as the sun rose and the... read more!
Scene & Heard
September 3, 2008
On the first day of the fall semester, NJIT President Robert Altenkirch traditionally welcomes students with a pancake breakfast – a free breakfast served outside on the campus green. ... read more!
Scene & Heard
September 5, 2007
As he stands outside in the sun serving breakfast to anxious students, one NJIT dean is heard to say: “Eating pancakes has been shown to improve your calculus scores. So by all means, eat... read more!
Innovations at NJIT
October 15, 2006
Treena Arinzeh, associate professor of biomedical engineering at NJIT, received one of the nation’s highest scientific honors, the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and... read more!