A Detailed Look at Tuition & Costs

We know you're an individual. So we offer choices for housing, dining, course work and more—choices that fit your lifestyle and circumstances.

Read on to learn more about tuition, regular and miscellaneous fees, housing, meal plans, and health insurance costs—and how they apply to you.

And if you have questions, feel free to contact the Bursar's Office.

A Note About Tuition & Fees

New Jersey Institute of Technology reserves the right to revise its charges for tuition and fees and to establish fees in keeping with the increased costs of providing quality educational services.

Tuition includes charges for services other than instruction—including library, publications, counseling, and placement—but does not cover the cost of damage to or loss of university property.

Fees provide funds for the operation of health services, student services and activities, intercollegiate athletics, and other facilities and services.

Liability for Charges

New Jersey Institute of Technology reserves the right to increase tuition and fees as required. You incur a legal obligation to pay tuition and fees when you register for classes. Unless the Registrar receives written notice by the fifth day of the semester that you will not be attending classes, you will be billed and held responsible for payment.