Types of Financial Aid

Not only is NJIT affordable, but every year we administer $48 million in various types of financial aid, including scholarships (some designed especially for transfer students), grants, loans, and work-study.

Adult learner: Considering coming back to school to obtain a graduate certificate or to take a course or two on campus or online through our Continued Professional Education division? Or maybe you are looking to provide education or non-credit training for your company in order to keep pace with today’s industry or to enhance your own  professional skills. Whatever your goal, you can accomplish it on campus, online, and financial assistance may be available to help you achieve it.

Graduate student: Various types of financial support are available for full- and part-time matriculated graduate students. (You can find eligibility requirements and contact information on the Graduate Financial Support Contacts page.) Additionally, financial assistance is available to students enrolled in approved graduate-certificate programs.

Studying online: Maybe you prefer to remain in your home country while earning one of our numerous M.S. degrees or graduate certificates. Although NJIT does not offer financial aid for online study, there is a particularly attractive e-Tuition rate available for graduate students who choose the online route to earning a degree.

Going overseas: Certain financial aid programs are available if you are participating in a study-abroad program that has been approved for credit by the university. In some cases, you may also receive assistance from certain student aid programs while studying at an institution of higher education other than NJIT, if a consortium or contractual agreement can be established.

Coming from overseas: We offer aid for international students as well. And if you are planning to attend a winter or a summer session, check out how we can assist you.

Not matriculated: Most financial aid is available only to matriculated students—that is, those who have been accepted into and are enrolled in a degree-granting program; however, certain private loans and federal and state tax credits may be available to non-matriculated undergraduate and non-degree graduate students who qualify.

In the military or a veteran: If you are a service members, veteran, or military civilians trying to reach your educational goals, check out what military benefits may be available to you.

Parents of student:  To be eligible for the Parents PLUS Loan a student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To apply visit www.StudentLoans.gov  and click Parent Borrower (Terms & Conditions apply).



** Information on this website about the student aid programs at NJIT is current as of the publication date of the individual site. NJIT reserves the right to change or cancel awards because of regulatory changes, revised allocations, or additional information concerning your financial aid eligibility. Awards are dependent upon program requirements and the availability of funds.