Understanding Your SAP Letter

The Financial Aid Office is required to review your entire academic record (regardless of the age of the record or whether or not aid was received) to determine if you are in compliance. If you are not in compliance, you will be notified through your NJIT email of your denial/suspension and the appropriate appeal procedure. Your SAP is calculated once a year, at the end of every spring semester. 

Deficiency Definitions
Program Code: A code used to identify the college, level and program you were admitted into. 
Program Description: Your current major used to asses your Satisfactory Academic Progress.
Program Credits: Is the published length or the the total number of credits required to complete your progam/ major. 
Maximum Credits Allowed (150% of Published Length): Per federal regulation, you must complete your program of study in a time frame not to exceed 150 percent of the published length of the program. This is measured by credit hours attempted; not by semesters attempted.
Maximum Program Credits Allowed By Next Pay Period: A threshold is used to determine if you will reach or exceed the maximum timeframe by the next payment period. who will reach or exceed the maximum timeframe.
Cumulative Attempted Credits: Your total attempted credits taken at NJIT including transfer credits.
Cumulative Earned Credits: Your total earned credits taken at NJIT including transfer credits.
Minimum Earned Credits Required: The minimum credits you must have at the time of assessment to be considered passing the quantitative SAP assessment. The minimum must be at least .665 of all attempted credits.
Your Pace Completion Ratio (%): This ratio represents all your earned credits divided by all your attempted credits, if it is below .665, it is considered a deficiency.
Pace Ratio Required (%): The required pace ratio to be considered passing the quantitative aspect of the SAP assessment. It must be at least .665.
Cumulative GPA: Your cumulative gpa is measured at the time of SAP assestment.
Required GPA: The required cumulative gpa to be considered passing the qualitative aspect of SAP. It must be at least 2.0 for undergraduate students and 3.0 for graduate students.
PHD Max Years Allowed: 7 years if admitted prior to Fall 2015 and 6 years if admitted after Fall 2015.