Recognizing Our Donors

The Albert Dorman Honors College, one of six colleges that comprise NJIT, recruits some of the state’s brightest students, many of whom are first-generation college students from humble economic backgrounds.

The college awards scholarships to many of these outstanding students. And now, thanks to a successful fundraising campaign, the college will be able to award even more scholarships to more outstanding students.

The Honors College Scholarship campaign raised $22.8 million, exceeding its stated goal of $20 million. The funds will allow the college to award 100 more scholarships to students. The college’s enrollment will also increase from 500 to 611 students. The campaign, which started in the fall of 2004, continues to raise scholarship money for honors students.

“The important accomplishment we’re recognizing is that we’ve expanded the Honors College enrollment by more than 100 students,” said Joel Bloom, dean of the Honors College. “These talented young students are essential to the future of our state and our nation. The Honors College will transform them into scholars, and after they graduate they will become leaders in their fields and play critical roles in our technology-driven global economy.”

The Honors College attracts some of the best students in the state and the country. The college offers these diverse students financial aid and a rigorous education that transforms them into technological leaders.

Hundreds of Honors College graduates have moved on to leadership careers in industry and government or to prestigious professional schools. They credit the college as the catalyst that put them on the path to leadership.

“We will reap the dividends of this campaign for a long time to come,” said  Robert Hillier, the pre-eminent Princeton-based architect and national chairman of the Dorman Honors College Scholarship Campaign. “We are not only helping students aspire to the highest levels of academic achievement,” he added, “but we are encouraging them to seek lifelong engagement in fields that benefit society as well as themselves.”