The Annual Fund

Throughout the years, alumni and friends of NJIT have recognized the importance of an education focused on science and technology. The Annual Fund is a dependable source of unrestricted dollars that can be applied to the areas of greatest need. Student scholarships and financial aid, curriculum enhancement, athletics, and library and laboratory resources are just some of the areas that benefit from the generosity of our Annual Fund donors.

As educational costs increase each year, the Annual Fund becomes more important to the university and its students. Only a third of the actual cost of educating a student at NJIT is covered by tuition income. The university must seek the balance from other sources--including annual gifts.

It is vital that the Annual Fund continues to receive support from alumni so that we may continue NJIT's legacy of excellence for future generations of students. Equally important is the continued support of parents and families who are pleased with the education their children are receiving, as well as support from friends who care about high quality higher education.

Double or Triple Dollars through Matching Gifts

Many corporations provide financial support through matching gift programs, which can double or even triple the size of a gift. Since company rules vary, check with your personnel/human resources department about the following:

  • Completing a matching form and returning it with your gift
  • Using the company's special telephone number to apply for the matching gift
  • The company's policy on matching a spouse's or retiree's gift

Leadership Circle at NJIT

The Leadership Circle is NJIT's highest echelon of donors.  Many are graduates who feel an abiding sense of gratitude for the education they received and recognize the need to help secure the same opportunities for future generations. Others are leaders in industry who appreciate the quality of the education NJIT can provide for their future employees.

                                            Eberhardt Society - gifts of $25,000 or more

                                            Weston Society - gifts of $10,000 - $24,999

                                            Founders' Club - gifts of $ 5,000 - $ 9,999

                                            President's Circle -  gifts of $ 1,000 - $ 4,999

The Highlander Society recognizes our younger alumni donors, who are eager to give back to their alma mater:

                                                $500 given in 10th year after graduation

                                                $500 given in 9th year after graduation

                                                $500 given in 8th year after graduation

                                                $400 given in 7th year after graduation

                                                $300 given in 6th year after graduation

                                                $250 given in 5th year after graduation

                                                $200 given in 4th year after graduation

                                                $150 given in 3rd year after graduation

                                                $100 given in 2nd year after graduation

                                                $ 50 given in 1st year after graduation

Every gift to NJIT is welcome and appreciated. For more information, please contact:

Terry McGuckin
Director of Annual Giving