On-Campus Employment

F-1 students are allowed under U.S. federal law to work in on-campus positions while enrolled at NJIT. “On-campus employment” refers to NJIT campus employment only, unless authorized under special conditions for employment with other institutions. 

International students should apply for Institutional work-study (IWS). International students are NOT eligible for federal work-study. 

Keep in mind:

  • You must maintain your F-1 status by being enrolled full time.
  • You can work up to 20 hours a week while classes are in session (spring and fall semesters). You may work more than 20 hours over scheduled breaks (winter or summer breaks).
  • You cannot work past the end date on your I-20.
  • You can only work within your program start and end date. 
  • Employment with organizations that operate within the university, such as the dining service, are counted as “on-campus.”

How to apply:

  1. Log in via mynjit.edu and use your NJIT UCID.
  2. Click on the Student Services Tab; under Other Resources
  3. Click on On-Campus Employment.
  4. Create an on-line application if you don’t already have one.
  5. From here, you may Search Postings; check on Application Status; Manage Applications; Change Password or Logout.

Once hired, you must have your employment paperwork processed and receive clearance to work from Student Financial Aid Services (SFAS) before you can begin working.

You will need to obtain a Social Security card in order to complete your employment application and finalize your employment. SFAS will issue a letter for you confirming your employment. Bring it to OGI so your advisor can sign it before you go to the Social Security Administration to apply for your number.

How does the government define on-campus employment? 

Visit the governmental website for definitions and frequently asked questions about on-campus employment for F-1 students.