What are the dates of the new student orientation?

The dates for the Fall 2018 International Student Orientation program are August 27-31, 2018.

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Is orientation attendance mandatory?

Yes.  Why?  We know that those who attend, settle in more quickly, have fewer problems and are happier. Moreover, forms need to be turned in so that international holds can be removed.

During orientation you will register for classes, learn important information about maintaining their student status, make friends, and get ready to start your NJIT student career. You can view a campus map here.  The complete orientation schedule will be posted here very soon.

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Is health insurance required?

Health insurance is automatically charged to all NJIT students.  Please go to our website  to see details regarding the insurance requirement. Specific insurance questions should be addressed to   

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When and where do I pay the tuition bill?

Student bills for each semester are due on the Wednesday prior to the first day of the semester.  Any student that registers after the due date will be expected to make payment immediately. Please go to the Bursar Office web page to read about late payment penalties and payment plans.  Acceptable forms of payment may be found at online.

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What methods of payment are accepted?

Tuition can be paid by check, FlyWire, money order, credit card, or cash. PLEASE USE HIGHLANDER PIPELINE to make credit card or electronic check (E-check) payments to your bill.  NJIT accepts VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, and AMERICAN EXPRESS. Please note: A 2.85% non-refundable transaction fee will be added to each credit card transaction.

For additional information visit the Bursar's Credit Card Payment Website

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Can I pay tuition in two installments?

Yes. Go online to check the NJIT payment plan at or click here.

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How much will tuition be for the semester?

For the most up-to-date information about tuition, fees, housing and any other additional expenses please click here.

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If I need temporary accommodations off-campus before orientation, where can I stay? 

The hotels listed below are in the area and offer NJIT students a discount.  You will have to show your I-20 or DS-2019, passport and NJIT letter of acceptance to get the reduced rate.  Student rates only apply to the student.  It does not apply to any accompanying family members or friends.  The student is responsible for any personal expenditure such as, telephone usage, meals, internet service, etc.

Please contact the hotel directly for reservations and mention that you are a new NJIT student.

Best Western, Robert Treat Hotel, 50 Park Place, Newark, NJ


Phone:   973.622.1000

Distance from campus:  10-15 minute walk to campus

Room accommodations are singles or doubles.  Reservations are necessary to ensure availability. Call for rates.

Hampton Inn & Suites Newark/Harrison River Walk, 100 Passaic Avenue, Harrison, NJ


Phone:  973.483.1900

Distance from campus:  20-25 minute walk to campus, shuttle provided to campus

Room accommodations are king or double-queen standards.   Double-queen standards have two queen beds and can accommodate up to four people. Call for rates.

Room accommodations are for a double-queen suite.  Double-queen suites have two double beds and a pullout couch; this room can accommodate up to five people.  Reservations are necessary to ensure availability. Call for rates.

Other temporary housing in the area without NJIT arrangements:

YMWCA via or  The YMWCA is located on 600 Broad Street, Newark.  You can contact them at (973) 624-8900 or fax (973) 624-3024 for additional information.


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Where can I find off-campus housing?

Off-campus housing is available in a number of towns in close proximity to NJIT.  Monthly rents typically begin at $350 for a room and increase depending on the specific living conditions. Most rental space will require one month's rent and up to one and one-half month's deposit prior to moving in.  It is recommended that you arrive as early as possible (see the section on temporary housing) to allow yourself time to search for suitable accommodations.

The Residence Life Office provides an "Off-Campus Housing" newsletter and a list of available rentals in the area (updated weekly).  You can view the newsletter and the list of available rentals by viewing their web page. In addition, Residence Life staff will be available to assist you in finding housing upon your arrival. You can email the Residence Life Office at or with any questions. 

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How much does it cost to live off-campus?

Living expenses are estimated to be approximately $1,700 (including rent, food and utilities) per month.  This will vary according to individual lifestyles and area of residence.  Please plan for more, not less, expenses.  Those receiving assistantships from NJIT should find their stipends sufficient to cover the yearly expenses.  However, you will still need sufficient money with you to get started, since the first stipend payment is usually received four weeks after the beginning of the semester.

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Can I live on campus during the semester?

Yes. On-campus housing is available to undergraduate and graduate students.  Click here for a virtual tour of the residence halls.  

Most rooms on campus are two person rooms with shared bathroom with an adjacent two person room. All buildings have a common area kitchen on the first floor. All the residence halls are air-conditioned, have 24-hour security and are furnished.

Be sure to read the NJIT housing contract very carefully, as there is a $750.00 cancellation fee.  If you cancel, this fee will be charged. Click here for more detailed information.

Meal plans are available, but are not required of graduate students. Room and meal plan rates are located here.

To apply for housing, please go to the Residence Life website then and click on the housing application and contract. You will need to enter your NJIT UCID and password. If you have not created your NJIT UCID yet, please do so by visiting NJIT’s website and select/create it. When reviewing the Housing Application and Contract, make sure to carefully read the "Terms and Conditions of Contract” (gray box on the right had side fourth item down).  If you move into your room and decide you no longer wish to live on campus, you are responsible for paying the cancellation fee.

While we encourage you to live on campus, PLEASE consider carefully your choice.  Many graduate students reserve a space on campus because they are worried about finding off campus housing.   Please know every student who comes to NJIT will find housing. The MOST important thing to do is to give yourself time to find housing (come a few days earlier), if you choose not to live on campus.

If you have additional questions about the residence halls and living on campus, please review the Residence Life web pages, or contact the Residence Life Office at +1 (973) 596-3039, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. You can also email the office at

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If I cannot attend the mandatory orientation due to a late flight from my country or a visa problem, can I still attend NJIT?

Yes.  However, please be aware that a late arrival can often create difficulties. For example, you may still be searching for accommodations when classes start, or you may not get all the classes you want as some classes may already be filled. You will be required to attend an orientation upon your arrival at NJIT. You will be helped in the settling process by students, staff of the Office Global Initiatives , program advisors, and the faculty.

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If I have a question, who can I contact?

By e-mail, or call +1 (973) 596-2451 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. 

In an emergency you can reach NJIT Public Safety at (973) 596-3120 (24 hrs).

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