NJIT’s major research centers and specialized labs

NJIT’s major research centers and specialized labs include:

Applied Life Sciences

Biomedical Engineering: Stem cell applications in tissue regeneration, vision and neural engineering, bioMEMS, motion analysis and rehabilitation engineering, biomaterials and biopolymers.

Center for Applied Genomics: Development and application of DNA microarray technology.

The Medical Device Concept Laboratory: Synthetic materials in biomedicine

Membrane and Separation Technologies: Micro- and nanoporous filters for medicine and pharmaceutical manufacture,

Public Health Research Institute: Smallpox vaccine research, oncogenes, toxic shock syndrome

The Vision and Neural Engineering Lab: Oculomotor dynamics, vergence eye movements

Architecture and Building Sciences

Center for Architecture and Building Science Research: Educational facilities, health care and aging environments, developmental disabilities planning, historic preservation, housing and community development

Concrete Testing Laboratory: Reinforced and high-strength concretes

Imaging Laboratory: Computer-aided design in architecture

Computing, Mathematics and Telecommunications

Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics: Mathematical biology, fluid dynamics, wave propagation

Center for Communications and Signal Processing Research: Multi-carrier systems, Turbo Coding techniques, ultra-wideband communications, MIMO systems

Collaborative Hypermedia Laboratory: Asynchronous learning systems, online communities, digital libraries

Cryptography & Telecommunication Laboratory: Cryptography, computer security and telecommunications networks

Data and Knowledge Engineering Laboratory: Data mining, bioinformations, computational biology

electronic Arts Habitat (eArtH): Multimedia, social computing, human-computer interaction

New Jersey Center for Wireless Networking and Internet Security: Intrusion detection, watermarking, mobile networks.

ProjectFusion: Technologies to support SmartCampus, a mobile, wireless NJIT campus community system with applications to protect privacy and maintain security.

Environmental Science and Engineering

York Center for Environmental Engineering and Science: Hazardous substance management, pollution remediation and prevention, sustainable manufacturing

Center for Airborne Organics: Detecting and tracing organic pollutants, preventing pollutant emissions

Northeast Hazardous Substance Research Center: Hazardous substance handling, reduction, assessment and management

Geoenvironmental Engineering Laboratory: Solid waste management and disposal, environmental systems, waste water treatment, site remediation

Laboratory for Process and Field Analytical Chemistry: On-line process analysis, environmental monitoring, portable instruments for on-site environmental measurement

Materials Characterization Laboratory: Elemental, organic and structural analysis

Materials Science and Manufacturing

Bearings and Bearing Lubrications Laboratory: Hydrodynamic, hydrostatic, rolling element bearings and novel designs of unique bearings

Computational Fluid Dynamics: Particulate flows, mixing enhancement, suppression/enhancement of turbulence, drag minimization, thermal management

Dynamic Systems and Control Laboratory: Design, control and integration of mechanical, robotic and electromechanical systems.

Electro-hydrodynamics Laboratory: Sensors and separation devices for a wide variety of systems for environment monitoring, health care, and medical diagnostics

Electronic Imaging Center: Infrared filters, sensors and detectors utilizing terahertz radiation, carbon nanotubes.

W.M. Keck Laboratory: Manipulation of liquid flows and the small particles/microorganisms they transport in biological and biomedical technologies.

Metal Combustion Laboratory: Propellants, explosives, pyrotechnics, and incendiaries.

Microelectronics Fabrication Center: Application-specific integrated circuits, optical switches, pressure sensors, and MEMS for biomedical, biometrics, and microfluidics application

Microgravity Research Laboratory: High energy density additives to propellants and explosives, gas sensors, fuel cells, and ultra-hard material coatings

New Jersey Center for Engineered Particulates: Tailored particle coatings for pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, ceramics, defense, electronics and specialty chemicals.

New Jersey Center for Microflow Control: Fluidic devices, with a focus on miniaturized flows, and miniaturized sensors and actuators.

Optical Science and Engineering: optoelectronics, environmental monitoring, industrial process monitoring and position control, and ultrafast optical and optoelectronic phenomena

Polymer Processing Institute: Modification of polymers processing into special property products for the medical, health care, automotive, electronics, construction, and packaging industries

Waterjet Technology Lab: Waterjet machining and cleaning applications

Solar Physics

Center for Solar Research: Solar optical astronomy, solar radiophysics, terrestrial science.

Big Bear Solar Observatory: Solar observation, helioseismology
http://solar.njit.edu, http://ww.bbso.njit.edu

Owens Valley Solar Array: Transient energetic phenomena, coronal magnetic fields

The Frequency-Agile Solar Radiotelescope (FASR) Project: Nature and evolution of coronal magnetic fields, physics of solar flares, drivers of space weather, the quiet Sun

Global High-Resolution H-Alpha Network: Round-the-clock solar observation

Space Weather Project: Monitoring and forecasting solar activity that may affect Earth’s climate and technologies.
Space Weather


International Intermodal Transportation Center: Freight transportation, brownfields and passenger transportation

National Center for Transportation and Industrial Productivity: Freight movement at domestic and international gateways, global competitiveness, intermodal passenger and freight transportation systems.

North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority: Maintaining and improving transportation systems

Transportation, Economic and Land Use System (TELUS):  Computerized transportation planning and programming.