MS-MS & MS-MBA Program Options

The MS-MS Program allows students to pursue a second NJIT Master of Science degree on completion of the first and to count two courses (6 credits) from the first degree toward the second. The option must be exercised within two (2) years of completion of the first degree.

The approval of the Advisors of the two programs is required. The Office of Graduate Studies will direct the Registrar on transfer of the two dual-use courses to the second program.

The MS-MS Program option is not intended for students who have left the Doctoral programs without completion of the degree. Thesis, project, pre-doctoral research, independent research and similar courses may not be used.

Several other Master's degree combinations involving the Master in Architecture, the Master in Infrastructure Planning and the Master in Management allow dual use of courses from the first degree to the second. The number of dual use credits for these combinations may exceed six (6) credits in accordance with specific program arrangements.

Degree Savings

Degree combination Number of credits applied to both degrees
MS-MS 6 credits
MS-MBA 12 credits
MS Mgmt-MBA 12 credits