Forms and Printed Materials

The following provides a selection of forms for various aspects of graduate studies at NJIT. To use a form, please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Fill in the writable sections of the PDF form
  2. Print the form and acquire the required signatures.
  3. Keep a copy for your records.
  4. Bring the signed original to the Office of Graduate Studies, Fenster Hall, Suite 140.

Academic Form

  • Change of Program Form (.PDF) New students can submit Change of Program Forms after February 15 in the Spring semester or October 15 in the Fall semester. PhD students cannot use this form (they need to reapply for admission after consulting with the advisors and the Graduate Studies Office).
  • Course Repetition Approval Form (.PDF)
  • Prior Approval Credit Request Form for Credits to be Taken (.PDF)
  • Transfer Credit Request Form (.PDF)
  • Graduate Certificate Request Form (online)

Program Options Approval Forms

  • Approval for Undergraduate to Register for Graduate Courses (.PDF)
  • BS/MBA Approval Form (.PDF)
  • BA/MA Approval Form (.PDF)
  • BS/MS Approval Form (.PDF)
  • BS/Ph.D. Approval Form (.PDF)
  • BArch/MBA Approval Form (.PDF)
  • BArch/MIP Approval Form (.PDF)  
  • BArch/MS Approval Form (.PDF)
  • MArch/MBA Approval Form (.PDF)
  • MArch/MIP Approval Form (.PDF)
  • MArch/MS Approval Form (.PDF)
  • MS/MBA Approval Form (.PDF)
  • MSM/MBA Approval Form (.PDF)
  • MS/MS Approval Form (.PDF)

Thesis and Dissertation Milestones Reports

  • MS Thesis Committee Appointment Report (.PDF)
  • MS Thesis Final Defense Report (.PDF)
  • Ph.D. Qualifying Examination Report (.PDF)
  • Ph.D. Research Proposal Defense Report (.PDF)
  • Ph.D. Dissertation Committee Appointment Report (.PDF)
  • Ph.D. Final Dissertation Defense Report (.PDF)