NJIT Shared Standards Agreement

The Shared Standards Agreement for Fraternities and Sororities at the New Jersey Institute of Technology is the agreement between the member chapters of the Inter Fraternity/Sorority Council and the Campus Center. These Shared Standards will be implemented and documented by the chapters and governing councils in coordination with Greek Life and the Campus Center.

The intent of the shared standards process is to provide a framework by which chapters can quantify and document their activities and successes, while creating a tool by which fraternities and sororities can be evaluated.   This includes:

  1. Enhancing the management and quality of fraternities and sororities at New Jersey Institute of Technology by outlining a clear, but comprehensive, set of standards that each chapter must attain to be recognized by the governing council and the Greek Life Office and thus the University;
  2. Providing an annual evaluation tool in which fraternities and sororities can participate in a self-evaluation process and receive recognition for surpassing the chapter standards, and
  3. Empowering students to be part of the decision making process in determining how they wish to function within the greater University community. 

Just because a chapter is not accredited does not mean that they are not recognized by the campus. Not meeting Shared Standards accreditation status simply means that they failed to meet the requirements expected of them. Any non accredited chapters listed are still recognized by NJIT.

Download a copy of the NJIT Shared Standards as of 5-6-13

Download a Copy of the Shared Standards Report Submission Outline Here