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"Achieving true sustainability requires a long-term commitment to rethinking every aspect of modern life so as to preserve a high standard of living while respecting the natural environment. There are no simple answers, but the answers are there for those with the discipline to take a systems perspective, the imagination to break out of incrementalism, and the perseverance to work from concept to reality. These are hallmarks of the NJIT approach that builds on a tradition of excellence in environmental studies and unites expertise across its diverse base of academic professionals."

-- Dr. Donald Sebastian, Senior Vice President for Research & Development

Sustainability at NJIT – Jon Plaut, Global Learning, Inc., discusses the concepts and key points of sustainability. Plaut throws out a challenge to NJIT to begin the sustainability process close to home. He explains the causes of the some of today’s environmental problems and the technology that has already been implemented to slow the problems such as solar, wind, nuclear, hydro electric, geothermal, tidal, and fusion power