About Green @ NJIT

Green@NJIT team membersI am excited about our Green@NJIT website, created by students with the help and support of NJIT faculty and staff. The website is an accumulation of green / sustainable initiatives that NJIT has and is doing to benefit our future: faculty research, facility improvements, recycling and energy conservation projects, educational courses and programs, and student organizations and activities.  As you browse through the Green@NJIT pages, some funny, some thought provoking, I hope that you will be inspired to learn more about sustainability and act now for the future.

Donna Minnich Spuhler
Director, NJIT Campus Center    

Student Designers and Developers:

Technical Writing, Spring 2009, ENG 352-458
Dr. Nancy W. Coppola, Professor of English, Humanities Department

Design Team:

  • Michael Radzin, Information Technology, 2010
  • Marie-Caroline Carlier, Business Administration, May 2009
  • Liz, Jaime, Information Systems, May 2010

Splash page; About:

  • Ivan R Marti, Industrial Engineering, May 2009
  • Anum Kalim, Management Marketing, May 2009
  • Anastasiya Krikun, Information Systems, August 2009

News and Events:

  • Richard Ferreira, Mechanical Engineering Technology, December 2009
  • Graves, Miija J, Business, May 2010
  • Marjan Khan, Information Technology, May 2010
  • Ricardo Rosa, ECET May 2010

NJIT Green Courses and Programs:

  • George Krzyzanowski Mechanical Engineering, 2011
  • Jennie Martinez, Management – Finance, December 2009
  • Ryan Roxas, Industrial Engineering, 2010

NJIT Green Research:

  • Bhavik Patel, Industrial Engineering, August 2009
  • Nicholas Yurasits, Human-Computer Interaction, 2011
  • Yadwinder Singh, Computer Engineering, December 2009

Adventures of RUFUS; Links and Resources:

  • Nick Gambino, BET in Construction Management Technology, May 2009
  • Daniel Marraffini, Civil Engineering, May 2009
  • Alex Nelson, Telecommunications Management Tech, May 2010
  • Tamara Vivens, Mathematics of Finance and Actuarial Science, May 2009
  • Partheepan Rajaratnam, Mechanical Engineering, May 2010

And with the support of:

  • Donna Minnich Spuhler, Director, NJIT Campus Center
  • James C Robertson, Director of University Web Services
  • Donald Sebastian, Interim Provost and Sr. V.P. Research & Development