Green @NJIT Events

Please join us in GREEN activities on campus!!

Bike Share Program

The Campus Center has purchased four bicycles and two new bike racks located outside each entrance of the Campus Center.  The university community can borrow bikes for free to run errands and enjoy the city. For more information, contact the Campus Center at 973-596-3601.


The Campus Center participated in RecycleMania (, a national 10-week collegiate contest of over 400 universities in Spring 2008 and 2009. We participated again this year from January 18 – March 29, 2009. 

The Campus Center took great strides in coordinating and participating in RecycleMania on campus. In addition to participating in the national contest, NJIT held its own competition in the Campus Center to see which students, commuters vs. residents, could contribute the most for recycling.  Redwood Hall won the campus competition by recycling over 13.47 pounds of bottles /cans per person during the 10 week competition. Although the national competition is over, NJIT still encourages recycling .

NJIT Spring 2009 RecycleMania Results from January 18 – March 29:

  • Total Pounds of Recyclables—Gorilla Prize: NJIT placed 194 out of 293 schools with recycling a total of 51,223 lbs of combined paper, cardboard, bottles & cans for the 10 week period, over 19,000 lbs more that in 2008, when we collected 32,120 lbs for the 10 week period.
  • Per Capita Classic—Cumulative Pounds of Recyclables per person:  NJIT placed 236 out of 293 schools with recycling a total of 5.13 pounds per person for the 10 week competition, an increase of .18 lbs/person from 2008 when we collected 4.95 lbs/person.  
  • Targeted Materials—Bottles/Cans: NJIT placed 46 out of 210 schools with 3.35 lbs/person (in 2008 we recycled 1.67 lbs/person) putting us in the top 22%!
  • Targeted Materials—Paper: NJIT placed 200 out of 204 with .21 lbs/person. 
  • Targeted Materials—Cardboard: NJIT placed 169 out of 204 with 1.57 lbs/person.  In 2008 we recycled 2.23 lbs/person but the # of students used was smaller since we were just competing as the Campus Center.  Our overall pounds of cardboard increased.

NJIT Spring 2008 RecycleMania results (partial category for Campus Center only) include:

  • Total Pounds of Recyclables: NJIT = 32,120 pounds of paper, cardboard, bottles & cans, 38th Place out of 61 schools.
  • Per Capita Classic: Cumulative Pounds of Recyclables per person: NJIT = 4.59 lbs/person, 52nd Place out of 56 schools.
  • Targeted Material—Paper Pounds/Person: NJIT = .69 lbs/person, 54th Place out of 57 colleges
  • Targeted Material—Cardboard Pounds/Person: NJIT = 2.23 lbs/person, 38th Place out of 50 schools.
  • Targeted Material—Bottles & Cans Pounds / Person: NJIT = 1.67 lbs/person, 39th Place out of 56 schools.

For NJIT’s 2008 information, visit our RecycleMania blog.

Earth Day

NJIT celebratedEarth Day on Apr 22nd with the following activities:

Earth Day 2009 Schedule:

Monday, April 20

• Murray Center Ambassadors Plant Sale -  11:30am – 2:30pm, Campus Center Lobby

• “Story of Stuff” & Be More with Less – 11:30am, Laurel Hall,  Residence Life & Campus Center. View the video at

Wednesday, April 22 – Earth Day! 

  • LEED: Not Just for Architects - Lunch & Learn, 12:00 pm, SOA Loft.  Sponsored by Siemens, USGBC @ NJIT, and Campus Center.  
  • Green Fest 2009 – 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm, Campus Center Lobby
    • Brickerati Green Barter & Green Bucks Tables
    • NJ Transit – The Greener Way to Go! 
    • PSE&G & CFL Bulbs
    • Meadowlink Ride Share Program
    • NJIT Art Society Recycled People Display
    • RecycleMania Residence Hall Winner Announced – Congratulations Redwood Hall!
    • “Do It in the Dark” Residence Hall Energy Reduction Contest Winner Announced – Congratulations Cypress Hall!
    • Engineers Without Borders Biosand Water Filter Construction Demonstration
    • Gourmet Dining Services Reusable Mug Sale
    • Career Development Services Green Careers Web Page Debut
    • Green Depot Demonstration
    • MAC Enterprises Organic Cleaning Products
    • Senior Class Ice-Cream & Solar Charge Gift Donations
    • Better World Books Drive
    • Soles for Souls Shoe Drive
    • NJIT Chapters of Green Energy Council & United States Green Builders Council

Friday, April 24

  • Bring Your Bottle to Work Day – Bring a reusable bottle / mug to school.  Free water refills are available at GDS food locations.  Coffee / Tea discounts are given to those with a reusable mug.

Women’s History Month

Now featured on the NJIT website is a celebration of women’s history month "Women Taking the Lead to Save Our Planet" focusing on women who are working to save the world.  80% of their projects are green.

For information visit our Women's History Month website.