The Adventures of Rufus

Who is Rufus?

RufusRufus Recyclia is the NJIT Campus Center’s little GREEN monster who came to visit in spring 2008. Benjamin Griffin, a sophomore majoring in architecture at NJIT, designed the award-winning artwork in the Little Green Monster logo contest sponsored by NJIT’s Go Green Initiative. Developed by Campus Center Director Donna Minnich Spuhler, the Go Green Initiative promotes sustainability by encouraging recycling, reducing the use of energy and carbon-emitting transportation, reducing consumption of materials and using eco-friendly products. Benjamin’s design, called Rufus, was chosen after polling numerous students, faculty, staff and visitors and is featured on many Campus Center Go Green promotional materials. 

Rufus’ favorite things include eating bottles and cans, taking the stairs (he doesn’t like elevators) and making friends on Facebook. Rufus has appointed himself the “know-it-all” of being GREEN. Look in The Vector for Rufus’ answers to your Green questions. And as Rufus says “It’s easy being green!”

Rufus on Facebook

Check out Rufus’s profile and become friends with Rufus today! You can email Rufus at Rufus wants students to actively help him in making NJIT more green and sustainable. Rufus is apart of many activities on NJIT. Show all your friends that you support NJIT going green. There is also a Facebook group for Rufus, “Friends For Rufus”. In his group you can get news and events that are happening at NJIT. Join Rufus and other NJIT students interacting with each other, share ideas and just have an overall good time with going Green.

Email Rufus

Not on Facebook? Rufus also has an email address. He will gladly and promptly reply to any email you wish to send him about being green, upcoming events, how to get involved, etc. 

Types of questions to ask Rufus on either Facebook or through email:

  • Where is the nearest recycling center to NJIT?
  • What can I recycle?
  • How can I help NJIT go Green?
  • What ways is NJIT going Green already?
  • Where can I find events at NJIT for going Green?
  • Does Rufus have any goals in mind for Green at NJIT?


Conversations with Rufus

Rufus has his very own blog at NJIT called “Conversations with Rufus.” In his blog, Rufus gives first hand stories of his experiences being a Green monster from Recyclia living at NJIT. It is a fun, thought provoking little blog that everyone should give a look. He loves writing new entries and hearing feed back from his friends. He is always willing to help the NJIT community learn more about going Green. Through Rufus’s blog you can ask questions, make comments, get tips, and just have fun with going green.