Hey, wanna go Green?

 It’s easy when you live, study, and work in Newark.  Our city has got tons of public transportation options.

  • Buses
  • Light rail / subway
  • Shuttle vans
  • Trains

If you don’t own a car or choose not to drive, you should know that Newark has great public transportation. Most big cities, like Newark, do have great mass transportation, which means people are less dependent on automobiles and energy consumption dips.

When you ride a bus or a train you share resources with your fellow passengers; that reduces pollution.

From just about any spot in the metropolitan region, you can ride a train into Newark Penn Station.  And from there, you can take the subway/light rail to the Warren Street station.  Simply cross Lock Street and you’ll be on campus.  It’s a five minute subway ride. 

If you live closer to NJIT, there’s also a network of buses you can take to campus. Many of the buses are retro-fitted with green technology and in general buses carry dozens of passengers and thus pollute less then if each passenger were to drive.

Also on a bus or train you can read a book, study, or work on your laptop or iPhone. When you drive, you must concentrate on your driving (or if not risk a ticket).

Many of our graduate students who live off campus, in towns such as Harrison and Kearny, also either walk, ride their bicycles or take Shuttle buses to campus.  Some even skateboard. They get good exercise without polluting. There are bicycle racks on campus on which you can lock your bike. The less you drive, the smaller will be your carbon footprint.