Contest Rules

There are three categories for the challenge.  You can choose to compete in any or all of these.

Category 1:  NJIT Campus Application

The NJIT Campus App challenges you to create an application on the SciVerse Application Platform using NJIT APIs and Open Data or SciVerse data to enhance your NJIT Campus experience.

Category 2:  SciVerse Mashup

Combine SciVerse Framework and Content APIs with open APIs and open data from the web. There is no functional restriction or API limitation. Throw it all in, and mash it up.  Show us something cool.

Category 3:  Research Application

We will define a specific research-related need on the day of the Hackathon and ask you to provide a solution in the form of a SciVerse gadget or application.

Assessment Criteria

Aspects like a user-friendly interface, clear graphics, ease of use, quickness of response, and so forth will also be considered in the overall judging criteria.  For each category, specific criteria will also apply.

NJIT Campus Application

  • How practical is your app for usage on NJIT Campus as a student, professor or researcher, does it help you organize your campus life?
  • Does it help you connect to other people on the campus and stimulate collaboration?
    Does it make it easier to find information related to your classes, does it help you in understanding your professor’s classes, etc?
  • Can your app easily be used on other campuses?

SciVerse Mashup

  • How innovative is your app’s solution?
  • Usage of open data and open APIs.

Research Application

  • How well does the solution solve a research need?
  • Value proposition of the Research Application.


  • Ann Gabriel, Publishing Director, Computer Science at Elsevier
  • Remko Caprio, Developer Platform Evangelist at Elsevier
  • Rich Egan, Senior University Lecturer, IS Department, NJIT Ying Wu College of Computing Sciences (He teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses in the areas of Systems Analysis & Design, Management of Information Systems, functionally and At the Enterprise level, Business Continuity and more.  Prior to his NJIT career, he spent 28 years in the IT industry in a variety of roles both hands on and managing.)
  • Stan Senesy, Senior University Lecturer, IT program, NJIT Ying Wu College of Computing Sciences.  (He teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses in the areas of Systems Administration, Integration and Security.  Prior to his NJIT career, he served as a Course Director and System Manager at the USAF's Air Mobility Warfare Center.)
  • Jim Robertson, Director of Web Services at NJIT, is interested in web services and open data as ways to stimulate innovation and creativity through crowd sourcing.