What if I create something that rocks?  Does Elsevier own it?

Nope.  The application remains totally the property of the student developers.

Who is Elsevier again?

Elsevier is a Dutch publishing company which publishes medical and scientific literature (journals, books, databases, etc.).

NJIT (through the library) has long been a beta partner with Elsevier.  The library provides access to much of Elsevier’s information through the ScienceDirect and Scopus databases.

And, what's this SciVerse?

Elsevier has launched a new product and a platform to bring together all of their information into one place:  SciVerse (http://www.info.sciverse.com).

Part of SciVerse includes SciVerse Applications.  SciVerse Applications Beta is a marketplace that allows academic and professional developers to collaborate with the research community to build applications to improve its search and discovery.  Elsevier is opening up API’s to its data and looking for third-parties to create applications against this data.  Some possibilities include:

  • Semantic search
  • Data and text mining
  • Visualization of data
  • Recommendation systems
  • Mobile search

Check out the SciVerse Developer Network and the SciVerse Applications Market Place.

What kind of data is in SciVerse?

Science publishing.  Journal articles, book chapters, etc.  You'll be able to search by a variety of fields:  your professor's name, authors from NJIT, articles containing the phrase "cloud computing," etc.

See more examples.

24 hours?  What if I need to get in and out of the Campus Center?

The Campus Center will be open all night.  NJIT Public Safety is aware of the Hackathon, and will be patrolling campus at night.

Do I have to stay in the Ballroom the whole time or can I leave?

Hey, we can't make you stay, but we will be taking roll call every hour.  If you run back to your dorm to take a shower, fine; but any team that misses roll call will be disqualified.  The point, folks, is to do all the coding live on the spot.

Plan to stay.  We'll be feeding you.  You can stretch out and get comfortable.  We'll also have a side lounge area.

By the way, where are we eating?  Down in the cafeteria?

Nope.  We'll be delivering all the food up to Ballroom B.

Who's sponsoring this Hackathon?

NJIT ACM chapter, along with NJIT's Ying Wu College of Computing Sciences and Elsevier's SciVerse.

Do I have to develop something all by myself or can I be part of a team?

You can go either way:  by yourself or part of a team.  We encourage teams of 2 or 3 students, but teams can't be any larger.  Find a friend and do some team coding.  Or, make an All Star team with a back-end developer, a database whiz, and a front-end designer.  It's more fun that way!

I am going to miss the Superbowl?

Heck no!  The NJIT Superbowl party is in the same room as the Hackathon and will start right after we're done (after a little pause for room setup).  And, the Superbowl party is free to NJIT students!  Come; hack; and then stay for the party.

Can I bring my own network hub or router?

C'mon, dudes:  no way.  The networking we will run will be sufficient for everyone's laptops, but let's not go crazy with extra stuff.

Will by laptops and other stuff be secure?

You are responsible for your own stuff.  This is an event only open to NJIT students who have pre-registered for it, so there won't be a lot of strangers wandering around.  However, NJIT's not going to watch your stuff for you.  Keep tabs on your own stuff.