Technical Specifications

You will need to bring your own laptop.  We will provide power and network connections at group tables.

You can develop your application in any language or platform or workspace you want; that's up to you.  Come prepared with whatever you will need.

  • Maybe you'll want to develop on your laptop in the package of your choice.
  • Maybe you'll want to have access to your AFS space with a MySQL database and Ruby.
  • Maybe you already have access to your own personal hosted internet-available workspace.

Come prepared with everything installed and confirmed access to all the tools you feel you will need.  If you need to set things up in your AFS space, go to and start doing it now.  Don't wait until the last minute.

When we kickoff the Hackathon, we will announce three prize categories and the specifications within those categories.

SciVerse API

We will provide you with a 'bulk id' which can be used to retrieve a SciVerse ID.  The SciVerse ID provides access to SciVerse content, the applications marketplace and the developer network.  You will also be given a SciVerse API-KEY to use in your application.

If you want to study up on the SciVerse API ahead of time, check these links out and consider downloading the SDK ahead of time:


Watch these "getting started" videos from Elsevier:


» Here is the PDF of Ryan Dietz's presentation on the SciVerse platform (uploaded 3:40 pm, Sat, Feb 5, 2011)

NJIT Course Schedule API

We will also open up an API to the data source that provides the data to

From this, you will be able to query in a RESTful way class, course, section, professor, location, and description information.

Here is a link to the Course Schedules API for the Hackathon for those students who want to work on a mashup of SciVerse and NJIT data:

This is only available through classrooms (public wired ports, Campus Center, Library, instructional locations), the wireless VPN, and the Residence Hall Network.

» Download the NJIT API Data Dictionary (PDF)