Insurance Requirements

To comply with the New Jersey law requiring full time students to maintain health insurance, NJIT provides a Student Health Insurance Program.

  • All full-time undergraduate students with at least 12 credit hours, graduate students with at least 9 credit hours, and F1 and J1 international students with 3 credit hours or more are automatically enrolled and billed under this plan.  However, coverage may be waived by providing proof of other insurance. 
  • The coverage for international students includes repatriation and medical evacuation benefits.
  • The Student Health Insurance Program is also available for part-time students, both undergraduate and graduate, as well as for dependent children and spouses of students who are enrolled in the plan.  Dependent children and spouses must be enrolled directly by complete the forms located at:

The period of coverage for the full year is August 21 to August 20, and the period of coverage for a half-year is January 19 to August 20