History of the Highlanders Fund

Appreciating Our Past  

Though historically an urban university serving a predominantly commuter student population, New Jersey Institute of Technology has a rich tradition of athletic as well as academic success. The university can be justifiably proud of its academic and athletic records, never willing to compromise the former for the latter.  

While achieving academic excellence is of primary importance, students at NJIT are also encouraged to participate in activities outside the classroom that enrich their university experience. Many of them choose to don a Highlander uniform and pursue excellence in athletics on the playing fields and courts of New Jersey Institute of Technology. 

Ensuring Our Future

Athletics facilities are visual focal points of a university's campus. Your support will also serve the wider collegiate community in terms of intramural and recreational sports as well as personal physical fitness for all members of the NJIT community.  

Your participation as a member of the Highlander Athletic Fund will allow us to look to the future and address our on-going initiatives:

  • Increase athletic scholarships  
  • Recruit the best and brightest student-athletes from around the globe
  • Renovate and enhance athletics facilities also used for intramural sports, personal physical fitness and events other than athletics
  • Augment current team budgets, ensuring that each team has the appropriate and necessary resources to be successful

We ask that you consider becoming a member of the team by contributing to the Highlander Athletic Fund.  

Our student-athletes and coaches appreciate your generosity.