Human Resources

State Health Benefits Program (SHBP) Eligibility

Who is Eligible
  • Regularly appointed full-time faculty and staff
  • Legal spouse
  • Unmarried dependent children under age 23
  • Registered Same Sex Domestic Partners
  • Adjunct faculty
  • Permanent part-time staff working a minimum of 20-hours per week

When Coverage Begins

  • After two (2) months of continuous employment, i.e. February 20 hire date = April 20 effective date of coverage
  • Ten month faculty and staff hired at the beginning of the Academic Year; September 1 hire date = September 1 coverage date
  • Immediate coverage for new employees who were enrolled in the SHBP with a previous employer and the coverage is still in effect on the day the employee began working at NJIT

When Coverage Ends

  • Your employment terminates.  Employees who terminate employment prior to the 6th of the month will continue coverage through the end of that month; employees who terminate on or after the 6th of the month will continue coverage for an additional month
  • Employees with a 10-month academic year appointment will continue coverage through the summer months
  • Coverage ends if the employee’s hours are reduced to less than 20 hours per week
  • Coverage ends if an employee is on a leave of absence and does not make the required premium payments to continue coverage
  • Coverage ends if an employee enters the Armed Forces and becomes eligible for government-sponsored health services
  • If the employee dies, dependent coverage terminates on the 1st of the month following the date of death
  • Coverage for a dependent child ends the last day of the calendar year (Dec. 31) in which the child reaches age 23 or the last day of the month in which the child marries.  If a child is not capable of self-support when he or she reaches age 23 due to a mental illness, mental retardation or a physical disability, the child may be eligible for continued coverage
  • Coverage ends for a dependent child enrolled on their own as a SHBP subscriber

How to Enroll

  • Complete a State Health Benefits Program Application
  • Submit the application to the Benefits Administrators
  • A photocopy of the marriage certificate is required to enroll a legal spouse Affidavits of Dependency and legal documentation may be required to enroll a child who lives with a single parent, a divorced or legally separated parent, a child with a different last name than the employee’s, etc.  You can obtain an Affidavit of Dependency form in the Department of Human Resources or at:
  • A Continuance for Dependent with a Disability form is required to continue coverage for a dependent disabled child beyond age 23

Dual Enrollments

  • Member may belong to a HMO as an employee or a dependent, but not both
  • Two employees married to each other cannot both cover the same children, or each other, under two SHBP HMO plans

Enrolling a Same Sex Domestic Partner

Adjunct Faculty

  • Must be enrolled in a New Jersey State-administered retirement system
  • Can only enroll in NJ PLUS and the Prescription Drug plan
  • Complete a State Health Benefits Program Application
  • Submit the application to the Benefits Administrators
  • Adjuncts will be billed monthly for the cost of coverage
  • Chapter 172, P.L. 2003 SHBP Coverage for P/T Employees