Workers' Compensation Procedures

Workers’ compensation is a “no fault” insurance program that provides medical benefits and 70% of base salary if an employee is out of work due to a job related accident.  (Note: the employee can receive 100% of salary by using 30% of accrued sick leave).

Workers’ Compensation Procedures:

  • All job related accidents must be reported to the employee’s immediate supervisor and the Human Resources Office within 24 hours.
  • An Accident Report and the Supervisor’s Accident Investigation Report must be completed and returned to HR.  If medical attention is required the employee will be referred to Concentra Medical Center in Newark.
  • Authorization is required prior to treatment.  Medical authorization forms are available in HR.  Medical over-billing or over-treatment is fraudulent.
  • Employees must follow the treatment program established by the workers’ compensation doctor.  Services rendered by the employee’s personal physician may not be compensable.
  • It is the employee’s responsibility to notify their supervisor and the Human Resources Office if authorized time-off by the workers’ compensation doctor.  It is also the employee’s responsibility to keep their supervisor informed of the treatment and recovery process.  It is the supervisor’s responsibility to investigate the accident and complete the Supervisor’s Accident Investigation Report; the Supervisor’s Investigation Report must be returned to Human Resources, not given to the employee.
  • Members of AFSCME, OPIEU, FOP, SOA, SOLEA and UCAN must refer to their union contract regarding the rate of pay when absent from work due to a job related accident.
  • It is fraudulent to exaggerate or fake an injury, falsify an injury as work-related, or work elsewhere while collecting workers’ compensation benefits.

Employees who are absent due to a job related incident, are not removed from the payroll, if there is sufficient sick time accrued.  If an employee receives a check from the Workers’ Compensation Carrier for loss time, the check must be endorsed and forwarded to the Director of Payroll at NJIT. 

Workers' Compensation Forms