Classification & Compensation

The division of Compensation and Classification in Human Resources administers all policies associated with these topics. This division is responsible for classifying new positions, administering all employee compensation programs, and analyzing salary programs and policies.

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Position Classification Policy & Procedure

University positions are classified/reclassified to accurately reflect their differences in scope and responsibility, the level of expertise required in the position, impact of that position on the University, and market pricing. All of these factors are taken into account when classifying a position. 

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Position Classification/Reclassification

The classification/reclassification process is initiated by the completion of an online classification/reclassification requisition approved by the area VP. The online requisition  must be approved as a formal proposal by the initiator and must include the following:

  1. A formal, detailed business and organizational rationale for the position creation or change.
  2. Attach the organizational charts prior to and following the proposed position changes. Explain how the proposed action will affect other positions within the department, division or operations area.
  3. A position description

Personnel Requisition

This documentation is used to backfill a currently vacated position or to create a new position (for the creation of a new position, please visit the section). Once the online requisition is completed, the appropriate department head approves the requisition and sends it to the area Vice President. If the requisition is for a newly created position, it will go to Human Resources for classification.  Human Resources will conduct an analysis and make a recommendation to the area Vice President.  Once approved by the Vice President, the requisition is electronically forwarded to the Budget Office for approval. If the requisition is to backfill a vacated position, it will be sent directly to the area Vice President and then follow the subsequent approval chain.  If it is a grant-funded position, the Office of the Senior Vice President of Research and Development and the Department of Grants and Contract Services review and approve the requisition as well. Once complete, it goes to Human Resources who will post the position on its website and bulletin boards throughout campus.

Compensation for Additional Work Outside the Scope of Primary Job Memo

Additional Compensation Request Form

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