What services does this program provides?

  • Free, Confidential counseling sessions
  • Referral to competent professional
  • Updates on health issues
  • Seminars on work and family

What are some of the areas EAP can help me with?

  • Personal relationships
  • Emotional conflicts
  • Health care resources
  • Parenting
  • Transitions
  • Decision making skills
  • Aging parents
  • Teenage adjustments
  • Dealing with anger
  • Drug and alcohol interventions
  • Women's issues
  • Addictive behaviors
  • Financial prioritizing
  • Work stress

How confidential is the program? 

  • Your statements and any records, referrals, diagnosis or treatment are maintained   confidentially by EAP
  • No information about you will be released without your written consent unless:
  • You tell us that you intend to hurt yourself or another; or
  • You have damaged or intend to damage school property; or
  • You confess to or are observed abusing a child.

In these situations (and only in these situations), state and/or federal law requires us to file certain reports.

What is the purpose of confidentiality?

  • If you are to receive accurate information, you must have the confidence to be open and honest
  • EAP personnel recognize that honesty demands respect

How are referrals made?

Referrals to outside care providers are made to accommodate your clinical needs, time, location and medical insurance plan.

When should I call EAP? 

Call EAP when you first recognize that a personal, financial, emotional or other stressful situation is beginning to interfere with your ability to do and be your best.

For further information, contact:

Patricia Lawrence
(973) 596-3143