Walk Your Weight

A program designed to slowly, and steadily build endurance, fit musculature and a life long pattern of valuable movement.

Your weight is your calculator. In just 12 weeks you will establish a self programmed schedule of walking. Your mileage for the first 12 weeks is defined. Your pace is your choice.

HERE’S THE FORMULA: You weigh yourself and multiply the week’s time requirement by two hundred pound increments.

200 pounds or less = weekly requirement
250 to 350 pounds = 1-1/2 times the weekly amount
250 and over = 2 times the weekly requirement

If you have more energy you may decide to increase your mileage along with your time walking. The choice is yours. 

Count Your Steps

The new fitness guides recommend walking 10,000 steps each day. That number of steps translates to approximately 5 miles. 

Exercising at a rate to increase your pulse is recommended for approximately 30 minutes per day.  

Get a step counting pedometer and wear it each day. You will be surprised at how much mileage you can log just by walking to your various destinations.

If you have any questions please contact N. Dean Conrad at 973-596-3293 or e-mail Conrad@njit.edu.

The NJIT Walkabout

A (Warren St.-Central Ave. - Lock St. - Warren St. - Colden St. - Academy St. - Summit St. - Warren St.): 2000 steps = about 1 mile
A-C (Summit to Warren St.): 252 steps
B-D (Clock Tower to Bleeker St.): 115 steps
E-F (Central Ave. to Library): 180 steps
F-G (Library to Campus Center):170 steps
H-I (Gym to Tierman Hall): 186 steps
J-K (Campbell to Laurel Hall):228 steps
J-L (Campbell to Oak Hall): 286 steps
L-M (Oak Hall to PC Lab): 157 steps