Employment Process

Personnel Requisition
This documentation is used to backfill a position currently vacated or to create a new position (for the creation of a new position, please visit the Compensation and Classification section). A current job description must be attached to the form. Once the form is completed, the appropriate department head signs the form and sends it to the area Vice President. Once signed by the Vice President, the form is forwarded to the Budget Office for approval. If it is a grant-funded position, the Department of Grants and Contract Services reviews and signs off on the form as well. Once complete, it goes to Human Resources who will post the position on its website and bulletin boards throughout campus.

Advertising Request Form
To externally advertise the position, the hiring manager must complete an advertising request form. The desired ad copy should be attached to the form, as well as emailed to annie.crawford@njit.edu. The appropriate department head and Vice President must sign the form and then forward to Human Resources for processing.

Personnel Action Form
The Personnel Action Form, commonly known as the PAF, is used for virtually all employment changes. These consist of, but are not limited to: appointment of new hires, separations, promotions, transfers, reclassifications, sabbaticals, leave of absences, special salary actions and labor distribution changes. The form is completed by the department, signed off by the department head and Vice President, and then forwarded to the Budget Office (Grant and Contract Services reviews and approves grant-funded positions). Once the Budget Office signs off on the form, it is forwarded to Human Resources for processing.

Offers of Employment
It is the practice of the university that no offer of employment may be extended until the appropriate recruitment has taken place (please see union contract for posting requirements). Verbal offers of employment are prohibited unless there is an explicit exception approved by the Vice President.  All offers of employment are issued, via written employment letters, by the Department of Human Resources.  Once the Personnel Action Form (PAF), with all appropriate signatures, reaches the Department of Human Resources, they draft the offer letter for the Vice President to sign.  

Waiver Form
NJIT seeks diverse and qualified applications for its vacancies. It is sometimes appropriate to place a candidate directly into a vacant position and waive the posting requirement. These cases are limited and must be approved by the department head, area Vice President, Vice President of Human Resources and Compliance Officer. The form requires a detailed explanation of the qualifications of the candidate as well as a rationale for placing the person into the position. The Waiver Form must accompany the Personnel Requisition and Personnel Action Form (PAF).

Change of Address Form
Active faculty and staff who move should complete the Change of Address Form. Separated faculty and staff can e-mail their new information to mongelli@njit.edu or call 973-596-5525.

All of these forms are available in the Department of Human Resources. If you have any questions regarding the completion of these forms, please contact Staci L Mongelli (973-596-5525) or Annie Crawford (973-596-3139).