Leaving NJIT

Guidelines for Out-Processing and Termination


NJIT administers involuntary and voluntary terminations from the university as equitably, humanely, and consistently as possible.   The purpose of this guideline is to establish a procedure for the processing of terminations of all NJIT employees.  These procedures ensure the timely processing of termination benefits, return of University property and notification to appropriate departments.

Voluntary Termination
The employee initiates action to terminate employment from NJIT by either resigning or retiring.

Involuntary Termination
NJIT makes the decision to terminate the employee’s employment.  Reasons may include, but are not limited to, layoff, non-reappointment or misconduct.


All part-time and full-time regular employees (union or non-aligned) are expected to be properly out-processed.


Employees are expected to give written notice to his/her supervisor at least two weeks in advance of the last day worked.  They are responsible for returning all NJIT property to his or her supervisor, including ID, keys, tools, uniforms and electronic equipment prior to their last day of work. 

Supervisors are responsible for contacting Human Resources, via an email to the Manager of Employment, as soon as he/she learns of a resignation and communicate to Human Resources the last day to be worked.  The supervisor should request written notification of resignation and attach it to a Personnel Action Form (PAF) and forward both through the normal processing departments. The supervisor should advise the separating employee of all university property to be returned on the last day of employment. This would include, but not be limited to:

- Office and desk keys
- Office equipment including computers
- Uniforms
- University ID card
- University parking tag
- Helpdesk Services for deletion of the employee's network or computer access.

Human Resources is responsible for establishing and administering the procedures for out-processing and terminations.  


Completion of Forms
For voluntary terminations, employees must submit a written notice of resignation or retirement to their supervisor.  The supervisor is responsible for forwarding this notice, along with a  Personnel Action Form (PAF), to Human Resources immediately for inclusion in the employee’s personnel file.  Employees who plan to retire are encouraged to provide the university with a minimum of three month's notice. This should allow ample time for the processing of appropriate retirement benefits forms to which an employee may be entitled and for the recruitment process to be completed.  For involuntary terminations, the supervisor must complete a PAF and forward it to the Department of Human Resources who will generate a letter of notification to the employee.  Please contact Human Resources directly for further information.

Exit Interview
All exiting employees are encouraged to meet with Human Resources and complete an Exit Interview form when they terminate employment for any reason with the University.  At this time, an explanation of benefits will be conducted.  If the employee would like to fill out the form but does not want to meet with HR, they can download the form EXIT INTERVIEW FORM and submit it to the Department of Human Resources, Fenster Hall, Room 500.

Exit Checklist
The following exit checklist EXIT CHECKLIST will be used by Human Resources to ensure all aspects of the out-processing procedure are adhered to.

Address Change
Employees should notify Human Resources if they change their address after separation so that their W-2 tax form and other information may be sent to them.