Labor Relations

Labor Relations negotiates six collective bargaining agreements with employee unions. Day-to-day interpretation and administration of the collective bargaining agreement includes, but is not limited to, investigation of grievances/complaints and mediation, providing counsel for progressive discipline, monitoring contract/policy compliance, assists in developing personnel policies, and analysis of contractual provisions.

Union Affiliations

  • AFSCME: All operations and maintenance, department technical staff, and special services employees
  • FOP: All full-time employees employed as commissioned Police Officers
  • NJSOLEA: All full-time commissioned Police Lieutenants
  • OPEIU: All regular full-time and part-time employees which include secretarial/clerical, security and certain technical positions
  • PSA/AAUP: Faculty and all professional staff, with greater than a 60% full-time workload
  • SOA: All full-time commissioned Police Sergeants

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