New Employees Orientation Training Day

NJIT recognizes that learning a new job and adjusting to a totally new organization can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming.  With that in mind, the Human Resources Department has created a new employee Training Day program (which runs approximately 3 times a year) to help you and your fellow “new” team members feel more comfortable in your new environment.  We recognize that employee orientation is not a one-time event, but rather a series of events that begins with the employee’s first day on the job.  The Training Day Program is just one of the events that enhance the entire orientation process.

In turn, this program has been designed to be enlightening, enriching, and entertaining.  During this fast-paced, high-energy session you will have several opportunities to:

  • Learn about NJIT’s rich history, culture, and mission
  • Meet new colleagues and/or team members
  • Review the policies and procedures that determine how we operate
  • Locate resources for answers to your questions
  • Identify the tangible and intangible benefits of working at NJIT
  • Develop a sense of being part of our team

The employees of NJIT are its greatest asset, and with that said, we continually strive to make NJIT a great place to work.