OzonePass Program

New Jersey Institute of Technology is a participant in the State’s OzonePass Program, which offers New Jersey employees the opportunity to ride NJ Transit buses, trains and light rail vehicles at a reduced fare on days when high levels of ozone pollution are predicted this summer.

Ground-level ozone pollution forms when car exhaust, fuel vapors and emissions from industrial sources are “baked” by the sun on hot summer days. Though New Jersey’s air quality has improved greatly over the last few years, ground-level ozone pollution continues to be a problem.

The 2009 ozone season runs from May 11 through September 4, 2009.

The State will notify the university in advance whenever a high ozone day is predicted, and we will then advise the university community via e-mail bulletin to use OzonePass on NJ Transit instead of driving to work on those days.

OzonePasses will be available at the Cashier’s Window in the Student Mall for use on high ozone days. Each round-trip pass will cost $2.70.

OzonePass is valid for commuting to and from workplaces in New Jersey, where participating employees are located. The discount is not valid for trips to New York City or Philadelphia.