HR/Payroll FAQs

Direct Deposit

What is Direct Deposit and how does it work?
Direct Deposit is a safe and confidential method of receiving your salary payment. When you sign up for Direct Deposit, NJIT will automatically deposit your paycheck in the account(s) of your choice on payday. Direct Deposit is a free service available to all NJIT employees.  

How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?
You will need to fill out a Direct Deposit Authorization Form.  Forms can be obtained from Human Resources, 500 Fenster Hall or Payroll, 540 Fenster Hall.  Submit the completed form along with a voided check to Payroll, 540 Fenster Hall.    

I just signed up for Direct Deposit.  How long will it take for my paycheck to be deposited?
Once Payroll receives your completed Direct Deposit Authorization Form and the appropriate backup documentation, it will take approximately 1-2 bi-weekly pay cycles for your first paycheck to be deposited into your account(s).  

How will I know when my salary payment has been deposited or the amount that was withheld from my paycheck?
You will receive a complete earnings statement each payday, which will indicate the amount transferred to your designated bank account(s) as well as how much was deducted for taxes, deductions, and other items.  All direct deposit statements are mailed the day prior to payday.  The morning of payday your salary payment will already have been deposited in your account. The amount of the deposit will also appear on your bank statement.  

Additionally, you can view your pay activity online via Pipeline. Go to Web for Employees/Employee Services/Payroll.  You will need to input your UCID and password to gain access.   

When will I have access to my salary payment?
Direct deposit funds are available the morning of payday.  In addition, most banking institutions will give you access to your salary payment through the use of your ATM card on the morning of payday.  

What happens if I change financial institutions or want my paycheck deposited in a different account?
You will need to complete a new Direct Deposit Authorization Form and submit it to Payroll, 540 Fenster Hall.  Your changes will be effective in approximately 1-2 bi-weekly pay cycles.