Employee Assistance Program (EAP) FAQs

What is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP)?
The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential university sponsored program offering counseling, conflict resolution, educational programs and referral services.    

Who is eligible?
All NJIT employees and the family members with whom they reside are eligible to use this benefit.

Is EAP confidential?
The EAP staff maintains a policy of strict confidentiality.   If you are to receive accurate information and help, confidentiality assures a safe environment in which you may discuss your concerns openly.  
The following limits apply to EAP confidentiality as they do to all licensed health care practitioners.

  • You intend to hurt yourself or another
  • You have damaged or intend to damage school property
  • You confess to or are observed abusing a child
In these situations only, state and/or federal law requires the EAP counselor to notify appropriate reporting agencies.

Do I need to pay to use EAP?
No. The EAP is an entirely free service.  

What services does EAP offer?
There are a broad range of services that are offered under EAP.  View services.

Who will provide the services?
EAP services will be provided by the Director, N. Dean Conrad, R.N.  Dean has a broad range of counseling experience encompassing 25 years of education and practice in the field of human interaction.  Additionally, she is a trained mediator and registered nurse.

How do I contact the EAP?
Contact N. Dean Conrad, Director of EAP, via telephone at 973-596-3293 or by email, Conrad@njit.edu   Appointments are generally scheduled within two days of the request.

Where is the EAP office located?
The EAP office is located at 240 Martin Luther King Boulevard, Newark, NJ 07102
And on campus in the Human Resources office

When should I use EAP?
Use the EAP when you first recognize that a personal, financial, emotional or other stressful situation is beginning to interfere with your ability to do and be your best.

When should I suggest that a co-worker/employee call the EAP?
If you have noticed that a co-worker is not performing at his usual level suggest that he contact the EAP.  On campus help or a referral to an off campus resource will be provided.