HR/Payroll FAQs

Pay Timeframe/Salary

How frequently will I be paid?
NJIT operates on a bi-weekly payroll.  View 2008 fiscal year pay schedule.  

I am a new employee.  When will I receive my first paycheck?
This depends on when your information is input into the Human Resources System. Typically, you will receive your first paycheck in 1-2 bi-weekly pay cycles from your date of hire.  Contact Human Resources at 973-596-3140 for specifics.    

Where and when can I pick up my paycheck?
Paychecks are available for pickup each bi-weekly Friday paydate from the payroll distribution window located in Fenster Hall, Room 548 between 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. only.  Checks that are not picked up between these times will be mailed to the employee’s address in the Payroll system. 

I have questions about my salary/contract.  With whom should I speak?
All salary/contract questions should be directed to Human Resources at 973-596-3140.