Separating from NJIT

If you are separating from the university, please review the following information so that you can plan appropriately regarding your final pay, benefits continuation, retirement plan etc.


Resignation Notice
The university requests a minimum of two weeks’ notice of an employee's resignation. Employees separating from management positions are requested to give four weeks’ notice.  An employee who is transferring to another department within the university is expected to give the same period of notice.  The notice should be given to your supervisor with a copy to Human Resources.

Before determining your last day of work and your actual separation date you should speak with your supervisor to plan your transition – points to consider may include: Will you be working through your last day? Will you be using vacation before your resignation date?


Vacation Leave
Please see your respective bargaining unit agreement or the non-aligned vacation policy for terms of vacation usage prior to separation.  There is no payout of vacation time after a voluntary separation.


Medical and  Dental
Under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) covered employees and their dependents may be eligible to continue medical and/or dental coverage generally for a period of up to 18 months at the employees own expense. You will receive information about the COBRA program by mail at your home address we have on record. You will have 60 days from the date on the COBRA notice to enroll in COBRA coverage.

Be sure to contact Benefits in Human Resources before you leave employment to ensure a COBRA packet is mailed to you. If you do not inform HR when your job ends, you may lose your eligibility for COBRA benefits.


Retirement Plans
If you are separating from NJIT due to retirement, you may call Benefits staff to schedule a meeting to discuss your retiree health plan options at 973-596-3144.


Unemployment Benefits
Based on the circumstances of your separation from NJIT, you may be eligible to receive benefits through the State. You will need to apply for these benefits with the State.


Exit Interviews
You are encouraged to meet with Human Resources to complete an exit interview.  If you do not want to meet with HR, you can download the exit interview form and submit it to the Department of Human Resources, Fenster Hall, Room 500.  To schedule an exit interview in person, please contact HR at (973) 596-3140. The exit interview will be an opportunity to share your experiences as an employee of NJIT.


NJIT Property
Employees are responsible for returning all NJIT property to his or her supervisor, including ID, keys, tools, uniforms, cell phones and electronic equipment prior to their last day of work.


Change of Address
If you change your address after separation from the university, you must notify Human Resources so your address can be updated in our system.  Failure to report a change of address to HR may result in information or documents like COBRA notice, W-2 tax forms etc.  not being sent to the correct address. Please email address changes to