Performance Management

NJIT’s performance management program is comprised of two separate parts – the performance appraisal and the merit increase.  The performance appraisal is used to determine merit increase allocations.

Appraisal period

Performance appraisal discussions should focus on the staff member's performance during the previous 12 months, and setting goals and expectations for the coming year.   Supervisors of unionized staff should consult the appropriate collective bargaining agreement to determine the specific appraisal period.

Elements of the Appraisal Process

The core elements of the annual performance appraisal are summarized as follows:

  1. A written summary of the staff member’s performance, using a performance appraisal form, will be prepared by the supervisor with a copy given to the staff member.
  2. The supervisor conducts a discussion with their staff members.  Each discussion should include:
    1. the supervisor's assessment of the staff member's performance during the past 12 months, including specific references to the accomplishments and contributions made by the staff member and the areas where he or she needs to improve; |
    2. a review of any changes to the staff member's responsibilities which may have occurred, and a summary of the expectations of performance to which the staff member will be held accountable;
    3. an opportunity for the staff member to suggest to the supervisor additional guidance or support that would enable the staff member to improve his or her performance.

Union Contracts

AFSCME Contract 2011-2015 (pdf, 12.4MB)

FOP Contract 2010-2015 (pdf, 280KB)

Lieutenant Contract (pdf, 404KB)

OPEIU Contract (pdf, 2.78MB)

PSA Contract (pdf, 10.6MB)

Salary Matrix for University Lecturers  (pursuant to the MOU signed on 05/31/2007)

Merit Increases

At the beginning of Fiscal Year, the Senior Staff determine merit increase allocations based on the performance appraisals and in accordance with the unit contracts.  The PSA and OPEIU union contracts stipulate that at least 80% of the merit pool must be distributed based upon performance.

If supervisors feel that any of their staff members are particularly meritorious, and want to propose additional merit be awarded, they should submit this in writing to their Senior Staff member for his/her consideration.