ITE January 2017 Workshop

ITE January 2017 Workshop

On January 12, 2017 the ITE is excited to offer the 2017 ITE January Workshop to faculty and instructional staff.


8:30 - 9:00

Registration, Breakfast, and Introductions

GITC 3710

9:00 - 10:00

Instructional Techniques for Today's Students

Dr. Matt Adams and Dr. Megan O'neill
GITC 3710


Methodology/Pedagogy Track

Technology Track

10:00 - 11:00

Open Pathways to Student Success: Exploring Open and Affordable Textbooks Adoption at NJIT

The presentation will explore open educational resources (OER) and affordable textbooks adoption programs, potential implications of having primary instructional materials available to students at no or very low cost and potential partnerships and future directions. The session will also look for feedback  as well as the framework necessary for assessing the impact of the OER and affordable textbook initiative.

​Ann Hoang and Blake Haggerty
GITC 3710

Using Kaltura for Instruction

Learn how to use Kaltura to support your course’s digital media needs. Kaltura is a media repository fully integrated with Moodle. In addition to serving as a media repository, Kaltura offers opportunities for enhancing instruction by facilitating the creation and distribution of multimedia learning objects. This session will showcase desktop recording, integrating into Moodle, and sharing your videos with your class


Amanda Molina
GITC 2302

11:00 - 12:00

The Gateway Project: Helping New NJIT Students Succeed

Representatives from Chemistry and Physics will discuss their collaboration with the Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education as well as recent changes made to Physics 102  as well as the Freshman Chemistry Program in an effort to increase student success. 

Dr. Bhavani Balasubramanian and Dr. Ken Ahn
GITC 3710


What's New With You Moodle?

Have any questions pertaining to Moodle or are you new to Moodle? This session will go over new features of Moodle and introduce some of the basics. In addition we will also take specific faculty questions and provide hands on assistance.

Michael Koskinen, Amanda Molina, Nikki Bosca
GITC 2302 



GITC 3710

12:30 - 1:30

Lunch Session: Best Practices For Digital Learning

We will discuss strategies for effectively using digital learning tools to support face-to-face, online and converged learning. Emphasis will be placed on strategies for engaging students using asynchronous discussion, assessing students as well capturing and creating course materials.

Blake Haggerty and Mike Koskinen
GITC 3710


1:30 - 2:30

Technology Tools for Teaching and Student Engagement

This session will present some technology tools that can be incorporated in teaching to improve student engagement, assess student understanding, and enhance instruction.

Padma Natarajan
GITC 3710

2:30 - 3:30

Leveraging ePortfolios Across the Curriculum

ePortfolios - digital showcases of student work - have been used by the Department of Humanities for program assessment since 2010.  ePortfolios provide evidence of student mastery when evaluated against a rubric based on course and/or program learning goals. As digital repositories, ePortfolios can contain much more than student writing.  From code samples (or links to Github) to mechanical engineering drawings, ePortfolios have the potential to become powerful assessment tools for program administrators as well as showpieces for students.  This session will discuss the potential of ePortfolios to illustrate student mastery in a variety of STEM disciplines and will briefly introduce methods through which ePortfolios can be used for programmatic assessment.

Dr. Regina Collins
GITC 3710

Creating Collaborative Spaces in the Classroom - How Students Can Teach Each Other Using Student-Generated Wikis

Collaborative work is essential for success in both educational and professional environments. Wikis are a popular method for collaborative projects and indirect, student-centered learning. This presentation will cover the educational uses of wikis in the classroom (specifically, how to use them in Moodle) and how they can be used to have students generate their own resources and participate in collaborative projects.

Nikki Bosca
GITC 2315

3:30 - 4:30

Central King Building - Designing for Student Success

This spring NJIT will unveil two new floors of the Central King Building.  Aligned with NJIT’s 2020 Vision, these spaces will provide students new new spaces that promote student interaction and collaboration. We will provide an overview of these facilities, including the open study spaces, converged classrooms, Scale-Up classroom, Writing Center, Institute for Teaching Excellence as well as the Math and Science Engagement Center. After the Drawing for Prizes we will have an option tour for anyone interested in seeing the new floors.

Dr. Kevin Belfield and Dr. Catherine Siemann
GITC 3710


Drawing for Prizes
GITC 3710

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