Focus Groups on Educational Issues

The Institute for Teaching Excellence occasionally organizes focus group presentations in order to gain insight on various educational issues from our students and faculty.

Spring 2017

 On April 5, 2017 a focus group with NJIT students that explored what factors they consider when evaluating the educational value of a course. 

Each semester students are asked to complete course evaluation forms.  One question asks them to rate the “Overall Educational Value of a Course". To ensure degree programs meet the needs of students and the employment market we want to learn more about how students define educational value and what impacts (both positively and negatively) that perception.


Spring 2016

The Spring 2016 focus group was organized on April 27, 2016 and its theme was “What does Teaching Excellence Mean to Students?” The event was organized and moderated by members of the ITE Executive Committee Dr. Ronald Rockland and Mr. Blake Haggerty. Ten undergraduate students were  selected in a way that was representative of the NJIT undergraduate student body.