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The Albert Dorman Honors College's Center for Leadership and Professional Development (CLPD) is built on the foundation of connecting honors scholars with meaningful civic and professional relationships through community-based organizations in Newark and the surrounding area. The center partners with corporations who can provide students with internships, cooperative programs, or other service-learning experiences in addition to seminars and networking opportunities to develop servant leaders who are passionate about giving back to the community. 

The Center was founded on the belief that training leaders for the 21st century requires technical knowledge, ethics, civic-mindedness, and the ability to bring people together from across the world to address pressing global issues. At NJIT, we have a diverse student population from around the globe that is highly proficient in technical skills required to address emerging problems. Training these students as leaders will enhance their marketability to future employers as global citizens who have the ability to make a difference.

To that end, the CLPD trains student leaders by engaging them in a leadership curriculum that emphasizes practical application of concepts learned in class. Students will gain hands-on experience by participating in civic engagement through service-learning and corporate civic outreach in the greater Newark area. In these practical experiences, students will bring with them knowledge from interdisciplinary research projects with leading faculty in the areas of ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability.