Community Service

Here at NJIT, civic engagement is highly encouraged and is one of the requirements to be in good standing as an Albert Dorman Honors College scholar. Community service is an integral part of students’ learning experiences and offers meaningful opportunities for students to engage with individuals of their communities on a deeper level and understand the true concept of giving back. One of ADHC’s missions is to prepare leaders who are dedicated to the improvement of society. Encouraging students to become proactive members of not only the NJIT community, but also the surrounding Newark community, is an important component of nurturing a healthy and abundant relationship.

Community involvement incites personal growth, builds camaraderie, encourages civic engagement, and offers insight into the challenges our communities face. Developing a deeper understanding of the workings and infrastructure of our communities is the first step in making a difference. This is a difference each and every member of the ADHC community is capable of making.