External Mailing Procedures

Return Address

Each department should include their department in the return address location. This will aid in charging postage correctly and delivering returned mail.


The following is recommended, in sequence and position indicated for addressing, to insure most efficient handling and delivery by the USPS:

EAST WEST FL 99999-9999

When addressing keep in mind that the post office automated equipment reads address information from the bottom up. Make sure the place where you want the mail delivered appears on the line immediately above the city, state and ZIP code. Eliminate all punctuation except the hyphen between the ZIP code and plus four. Use all upper case letters when typing, and always use two-letter state abbreviations. Handwritten addresses must be legible. The USPS will return illegible mail as undeliverable.

Do not place any plastic or scotch tape over the address or the stamp since the automatic equipment cannot read through it.

Please Note: All outgoing mail should show the correct ZIP Code.

The address labels on flats (envelopes 6 X 9" and larger) should be positioned with the opening flap on the left. Envelopes that are improperly prepared may be damaged by mailing equipment.


The size of the envelope should properly accommodate the contents. For use in the postal system, there are basically two categories of envelopes: letter size and flats. White, standard size envelopes should be used whenever possible. Flats are envelopes larger than letter size, but not larger than 12" high by 15" long and ¾" thick. Flats must be sealed prior to sending to the NJIT Mail Center, since the machine cannot automatically seal envelops larger than letter size. Standard size envelopes should be sent to the Mail Center with the flaps open, nested into each other and secured with an elastic band.

Overstuffed envelopes will not pass through the postage machine and will be returned to the sender. Senders will be advised to flatten them or put the contents in an appropriately sized flat and reseal.


Departments should prepare outgoing mail for pickup as follows:

Separate bundles should be created for inter-office mail, outgoing USPS mail, and Foreign Mail, each bound with a rubber band. Attach identification showing department or account number.

Personal Mail

Incoming and Outgoing

Outgoing personal mail is handled along with university mail. You may deposit your personal mail in your outgoing departmental mail if it is sealed and has the proper postage affixed. For your convenience, a stamp machine is located in the Hazell Center. Our personnel will be glad to help you determine the proper amount of postage. NJIT, however, can assume no responsibility for personal mail deposited in the university system. All mail addressed to an NJIT address is the property of the university. The receipt of personal correspondence at the university is strictly prohibited.