Status Definitions

Maintenance Request Status Information

The following are the possible maintenance request system "status" indications that you may receive via email notice:

Usual maintenance progression:

  • New Request            
    We have received your request.
  • Work In Progress      
    We have assigned your request and are working on it.
  • Complete                  
    The work is done.
  • Closed                      
    The work is done and we have finished documenting things on our end.

Maintenance is taking longer than usual:

  • Parts on Order          
    There are parts on order and this work cannot be finished until they are received.
  • On Hold                  
    There are other reasons why this work is not being finished at this time.
  • Deferred                  
    This work will be scheduled to begin at a later date (perhaps during a break).
  • Open Extended        
    This work is in progress (open) and will take an extended period of time to complete.

Maintenance has not begun:

  • Waiting More Info    
    We need more information from you.  You should receive a call or email on this.
  • Waiting Funding      
    We cannot perform the work until it is funded either by us or by you...
  • Pending                  
    This work is pending for other reasons.  Work will not begin.

Maintenance WILL NOT be performed:

  • Declined                  
    We will not perform this work.  Please contact us if you need to discuss.
  • Duplicate Request  
    Someone else already requested this work.
  • Forwarded              
    This is not something we do and needs to be forwarded to other departments.
  • Void                        
    This request has been deleted from our system.