NJIT Final Self-Study Report

A Science and Technology Research University for the 21st Century

Decennial Review  -  April 1-4 2012

Prepared for the
Middle States Commission on Higher Education - Re-accreditation 2012

Full Report (pdf)


Executive Summary

Chapter 1. NJIT Mission

Chapter 2. NJIT Planning, Resource Allocation, and Institutional Renewal

Chapter 3. NJIT Institutional Resources

Chapter 4. NJIT Leadership and Governance

Chapter 5. NJIT Administration

Chapter 6. NJIT Integrity

Chapter 7. NJIT Institutional Assessment

Chapter 8. NJIT Student Admission and Retention

Chapter 9. NJIT Student Support Services

Chapter 10. NJIT Faculty

Chapter 11. NJIT Educational Offerings

Chapter 12. NJIT General Education

Chapter 13. NJIT Related Educational Activities

Chapter 14. NJIT Assessment of Student Learning