Key Supporting Documents

Preliminary Agenda

Team Visit April 1-4, 2012 (Final)

Final Self-Study Report

A Science and Technology Research University for the 21st Century (pdf)

Core Documents

Institutional Profile (2011) (pdf)

University Catalog (2012)

Organization Chart (2012) (pdf)

Faculty Handbook (2011) (pdf)

Student Handbook (2012)

FY2012 State Budget Submission (pdf)

FY2013 State Budget Submission (pdf)

Enrollment (Actual) (1992-2010)

Financial Statement: June 30, 2010 and 2009 (pdf)

Financial Statement: June 30, 2011 and 2010 (pdf)

IPEDS: FY2010 (pdf)

IPEDS: FY2009 (pdf)

IPEDS: FY2008 (pdf)

Executive Summary

About NJIT

IRP Factbook (2011)

IRP Interactive Factbook (2011)

IRP Reports (2012)

State Strategic Plan: NJ's State Development and Redevelopment Plan (2011) (pdf)

Chapter 1

Middle States Periodic Review Report (Final, 2007) (pdf)

Middle States Reviewer Report Following Analysis of Period Review Report (Final, 2007) (pdf)

Higher Education Restructuring Act of 1994 (pdf)

Middle States Evaluation Report Following 2002 Team Visit (pdf)

An Emerging Presence: Self-Study and Strategic Plan 2002 (pdf)

Chapter 2

NJIT Strategic Plan 2004-2010 (pdf)

Strategic Plan 2010-2015 (pdf)

FY2007 State Budget Submission (pdf)

FY2008 State Budget Submission (pdf)

FY2009 State Budget Submission (pdf)

FY2010 State Budget Submission (pdf)

FY2011 State Budget Submission (pdf)

FY2012 State Budget Submission (pdf)

FY2013 State Budget Submission (pdf)

FY2006 Intercollegiate Athletics Program Report (pdf)

FY2007 Intercollegiate Athletics Program Report (pdf)

FY2008 Intercollegiate Athletics Program Report (pdf)

FY2009 Intercollegiate Athletics Program Report (pdf)

FY2010 Intercollegiate Athletics Program Report (pdf)

FY2011 Intercollegiate Athletics Program Report (pdf)

Chapter 3

FY2012 Operating and Capital Budgets Approved by the Board of Trustees (pdf)

Campus Gateway Project (2006-2012)

Financial Statement: June 30, 2003 and 2002 (pdf)

Financial Statement: June 30, 2004 and 2003 (pdf)

Financial Statement: June 30, 2005 and 2004 (pdf)

Financial Statement: June 30, 2006 and 2005 (pdf)

Financial Statement: June 30, 2007 and 2006 (pdf)

Financial Statement: June 30, 2008 and 2007 (pdf)

Financial Statement: June 30, 2009 and 2008 (pdf)

Financial Statement: June 30, 2010 and 2009 (pdf)

Financial Statement: June 30, 2011 and 2010 (pdf)

Campus Master Plan (2009)

Book List (2004) (pdf)

Chapter 4

Committee on the Status of Women Faculty at the New Jersey Institute of Technology: Report Presented to Provost (2005) (pdf)

Board of Trustees

Board of Overseers

Board of Visitors

Faculty Council (2012)

Professional Staff Association

Honors College Leadership Colloquia

Advantages of the System of Shared Governance (2011) (pdf)

The Vector, September 6, 2011 (pdf)

The Vector, September 13, 2011 (pdf)

The Vector, January 25, 2012 (pdf)

The Vector, February 27, 2012 (pdf)

Chapter 5


Program Changes (2007-2010) (xls)

Performance Based Salary Increase Distribution System (pdf)

Chapter 6

Ethics at NJIT

Ethics Regulations

Academic Integrity Code (2012) (pdf)

Best Practices Related to Academic Integrity (2006) (pdf)

IRB Conflict of Interest Policy (2007) (pdf)

Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures (2004) (pdf)

Sexual Harassment Training (2005) (pdf)

Annual Campus Security Report (2011) (pdf)

Vulnerable to Abuse: The Importance of Restoring Accountability, Transparency and Oversight to Public Higher Education Governance (pdf)

Chapter 7

A Strategic Plan for the College of Science and Liberal Arts: 2009-2014 (pdf)

CSLA Academic Plan Priorities 2010 - Achieving Disciplinary Cohesion (pdf)

College of Science and Liberal Arts Academic Plan: 2006 (pdf)

A Strategic Plan for the College of Science and Liberal Arts: 2004-2009 (pdf)

Strategic Plan 2004-2010 (pdf)

Strategic Plan 2010-2015 (pdf)

VISTa: A Strategic Planning Process for NJIT (pdf)

Chapter 8

DegreeWorks Implementation Team Charge (2012)  (pdf)

Undergraduate Student Handbook, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (2012) (pdf)

Validating Accuplacer: Design, Implementation, Analysis, Gains (2008) (pdf)

Validating Accuplacer: A Status Report (2008) (pdf)

Humanities Placement Study (2009) (pdf)

Placement of Students into First-Year Writing: Final Report (2011) (pdf)

The Report of the Governor's Task Force on Higher Education (2010) (pdf)

Learning Community Study Highlights (Fall 2011) (pdf)

Community Connections, Advisor Feedback: Fall 2011 Minutes (pdf)

Community Connections, Peer Mentor Feedback: Fall 2011 Minutes (pdf)

Community Connections, Advisor Meeting #1, Spring 2012 (pdf)

Learning Community Update (January 2012) (pdf)

Community Connections Assessment (January 2012) (pdf)

Task Force on Undergraduate Retention and Graduation (2011)

Task Force on Undergraduate Retention and Graduation Final Report (2011) (pdf)

Chapter 9

New Student Orientation (2012)

Career Development Services (2012)

Connections Miniversity (2012)

Greek Village Task Force (2012)

Campus Living (2012)

Educational Benchmarking Report (2011)

NJIT Athletics (2012)

The Learning Center

Academic Integrity

Center for Counseling and Academic Services (2012)

Student Financial Aid Services (2012)

Registrar (2012)

Center for Pre-College Programs

Child Care Center (2012)

Chapter 10

NJIT Faculty and Instructional Staff (2012)

More than the Sum of its Parts: Advancing Women at NJIT through Collaborative Research Networks (2011)  (pdf)

Recommended Tactics for Achieving Increased Faculty Diversity (2005) (pdf)

Retreat Report, Department of Computer Science (2011) (pdf)

Faculty Mentoring Program, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (2012) (pdf)

Chapter 11

Course Requirements and Expectations (2011)

Subject Liaison/Reference Librarian (2012)

Research Helpdesk (2012)

Librarian Liaison Program (2012)

NJIT Information Literacy Initiative (2009-2012) (pdf)

Institute Information Literacy Plan (2009) (pdf)

New Jersey Commission on Higher Education Licensure Rules (2008) (pdf)

Information Literacy: UCRC Departmental Plans (2009-2012)

Chapter 12

Assessment of the NJIT Core Competencies (2011-2012) (pdf)

Provost's Workshop: Understanding Learning Outcomes (2012) (pdf)

UCRC Course Proposal Form Resolution (pdf)

Chapter 13

NJIT Framework for Quality Assurance in ELearning (2010-2012)

E-Learning in Undergraduate Humanities Classes: Unpacking the Variables (pdf)

Chapter 14

NJIT Program Review Process (2010-2012)

BS in Civil Engineering: Approved Program Report (2011) (pdf)

BS in Biomedical Engineering: Approved Program Report (2011) (pdf)

NJIT Program Review Timeline (2010-2015) (xls)

NJIT Voluntary System of Accountability College Portrait

Academic Affairs: Core Values, Institutional Learning Goals, and General University Requirement Core Competencies

The Assessment of Writing Ability at a Science and Technology University (2010) (pdf)

Assessment of Graduate Programs in Technical Communication: A Relational Model (pdf)

Portfolio Assessment Quantification and Community (pdf)

A Technological Transfer Model for Program Assessment in Technical Communication (pdf)

The Assessment of Information Literacy: A Case Study (pdf)

ETS Research Spotlight (pdf)

Learning Outcomes: Humanities 101 and 102 (2008-2012) (pdf)

Humanities 101 Syllabus (2008-2012) (pdf)

Humanities 102 Syllabus (2008-2012) (pdf)

The First-Year Writing Curriculum at New Jersey Institute of Technology: A Coordinated Framework (2008-2012) (pdf)

Fifth Year Maintenance of Accreditation Report, School of Management (2012) (pdf)

Automated Essay Scoring and The Search for Valid Writing Assessment (2011) (pdf)

iSkills & Proficiency Profile (PP) Report: Descriptive Statistics & Correlations (2011) (pdf)

Undergraduate Technical Writing Assessment (2010) (pdf)

Direct Assessment of Information Literacy Using Writing Portfolios (2007) (pdf)